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Combine your Wordpress posts onto Medium

Republish your blog posts to Medium?

Do you take your blog posts on your website and republish them onto Medium? Your work gets more visibility, so that sounds nice. But with your website content duplicated elsewhere on the internet, do you lose Google rankings on your own website? A good number of my blog posts don’t rank well on Google, so […]

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Blackwing 56 sold out

A blog without comments is broken

Every time a blog doesn’t have the ability for a reader to leave comments, I think that blog is broken. Sure, there is social media. You can tweet a link with your comment. Or share the blog post on Facebook. Sharing power! However, lacking is the ability to easily see other people’s comments. I could […]

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Twitter or Wordpress?

Tweet or blog?

Do you find most your ideas end up on Twitter, because it’s much quicker than writing an entire blog post? I’ve certainly fell victim to that. To help myself blog more, I’m going to alter my tweeting procedure. Every time I have something I would like to tweet, instead of heading to Tweetdeck, I’m going […]

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Why do people not comment on blogs? The psychology and historical reasons

Perplexing is that people can read something and not have anything to say. What are the historical and psychology causes? At the dawn of democracy, listening was primarily an active activity. People would debate each other. A statement would be made, the listener would respond. Communication was interpersonal. Peter Kreten states in his first draft […]

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Illustration of list threads & interdisciplinary fabric

2014 will be the year of interdisciplinary

2013 was the year of lists. Will 2014 continue the heavy use of lists? Yes, 2014 will bring more lists. Specifically for the masses, there will be more lists in 2014. However, for the more attuned reader, lists will become less popular. Perhaps instead we will see more interdisciplinary articles. Topics that merge various fields […]

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Screenshot of: History Trends Unlimited

Which blogs are most valuable to you?

You probably have a list of blogs in your head that you know you like to visit from time to time. Perhaps you subscribe to their email list or twitter feed. But how often do you actually visit their blog posts? Now you can find out how often you visit particular blogs. A Google Chrome […]

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Top 20 on this is colossal

Blogging for quantity and quality

Earlier this year when the one-man-powered announced that he was going full-time with his site, I became convinced that for a blogger to make a living off his site is to publish at least two blog posts per day. Christopher Jobson publishes about two to four posts about fantastic art per day on […]

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