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Why disable comments on a blog?

You read a great blog post that gives you a great desire to leave a feedback comment. But then you can’t find the comment box. What!? There is no comments enabled for that blog post. This has to be one of my greatest frustrations with a new trend in blogs. The disabling of comments. Why […]

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Blogs need to allow people to subscribe to categories

The blogging platform of the future needs two main things. Community and topic-specific subscription. Drupal allows people to subscribe to specific topics (or categories) of posts. But drupal doesn’t have a tied-in community to their platform. In fact, it’s hard to find any blogging platform that has a tied-in community. Blogger? No. WordPress? No. Livejournal? […]

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A blog post should never have one comment

If someone comments on your blog post, you should always try to respond. If you don’t, it shows readers that you don’t care about the comments or possibly you don’t even read the comments. [sidenote: not ALL comments by readers deserve a response; but if you have a low comment rate on your blog, you […]

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