280 words is the average length on WordPress

WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg said that the average post on WordPress is 280 words long, and that’s remained “relatively constant” over the past few years.

As most of my blog posts (on spudart.org and mattmaldre.wordpress.com) are 300 words, I find encouragement that the average length is 280 words on WordPress. Many syndicated columns are 600-800 words, so I’ve tried to write longer, but then I feel like I’m trying to fill up space. 300 words has been a magic spot for me.

For those who regularly try to hit a certain word length, it might be refreshing to simply write as much as what needs to be said.

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3 thoughts on “280 words is the average length on WordPress”

    1. Ah Kevin, I don’t think your posts are too long. Although this is funny, because I have a friend Marco Buscaglia who writes long articles online. We often joke with each other about how I need some of is ability to write longer, and he would like to be able to write shorter. 😉

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