Tumblr is not a blogging platform

With Yahoo buying Tumblr, I was looking for an insightful article that explains what Tumblr really is. Tumblr is not just a collection of 18-24 year olds. Tumblr is a unique system. This is a good reminder for what tumblr truly is.

Original tumblr post: All of the reblogs
(Image courtesy finalbossform on tumblr

Tumblr is unique combination of being like:
1) a Google Reader–a reading platform. Most of the views come from the tumblr dashboard
2) a Twitter–with all the shares being like retweets
3) an Instagram–the ability to easily “like” something while viewing

Tumblr is not just a blogging platform. Tumblr is a way to read and reshare–all in one interface. As this tumblr author says, “the value of Tumblr isn

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