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Thinking about creating a blog, but always put it off? Just make it. You’ll be happy you did.

For many years I wanted to have a blog that was about publishing and marketing. I would always put it off thinking I’ll start it at some point when I can focus on it. But then one day in January 2011 I was like, “meh. i’m just gonna do it.” I was on fire that month with nine posts. And then the blog went dormant for over a year.

When March 2012 came along, I had the site all ready for me to start posting. That’s part of the battle is having the fertile ground to express yourself. Sure, creating an actual blog these days is easy. But you still have to create it. To have a blog all set up sitting there ready makes a huge difference.

It’s a bit like being a painter. If you have canvases and paint at home, you are much more likely to create than if you have to go out to the store to get the supplies.


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