Categorizing your blog by your passions

How we create, discover, read, share

Because I work in the media industry, I started this blog in January 2011 to share my thoughts on how to use media better. On the three-year anniversary the site became organized into four categories.

  1. How we create (Writing, designing, and illustrating, for creators)
  2. How we discover (Searching and discovery, for searchers)
  3. How we read (Reading and consuming, for readers)
  4. How we share (Sharing and distribution, for curators)

Admittedly, those four categories are rather abstract. To flesh out some substance for each category, today I added sub-topics under each category.

  1. How we create
  2. How we discover
  3. How we read
  4. How we share

These sub-topics are actually tags. They don’t always fit neatly under each category. For instance, social media can easily fit under any of the four categories. But for now, it sits under “how we share.” Not perfect, but close enough to give a little more depth to the navigation.

I picked each of these sub-topics, because they are themes that run throughout this blog—themes that I love.

Over the course of nine years with this blog, these are some of the topics that I’m most passionate about. I’m very glad to have this outlet to express and share ideas about media.

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