Extend the max character length for Twitter usernames


The longest a twitter username can be is 15 characters.  Sure, it’s nice to have a short name, but sometimes you need just a few more characters. For instance, I own the domain christiannotebook.com. I cannot reserve @christiannotebook because that is 17 characters.

I work at a company called Tribune Content Agency. When we set up our twitter account a couple years ago, we couldn’t get our company name, because @tribunecontentagency is 20 characters. Instead we opted for the shorter @tribuneagency. While I do like that shorter name, it is a bit confusing, as we should just use our true company name. Also rather funny is how Twitter has a 20 character limit on your display name. Our company name gets cut down to Tribune Content Agen.

Rightfully, Twitter doesn’t want people to start using sentences for their display name. But 20 for a display name is a bit short. I’m still trying to figure out a way to shorten down @christiannotebook to 15 characters.

While Twitter is playing around with the idea to expand the length of tweets beyond the 140 character limit, I would much rather have the usernames be expanded first.

Have you ever tried to reserve a twitter username, but found the limits to be too short? Let us know in the comments. Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “Extend the max character length for Twitter usernames”

  1. btwthisdidntletmeputashortnamehere

    I have been sooo frustrated with this, seeing as my desired display name is 21 characters long. I’d like my name to be the same on twitter as everywhere else. I hope the limit changes!

  2. Yes! I hate it because I can’t even use my Twitter for Marketing as JenniferBakes is taken and JenniferBakesBlog is too long. Really frustrating and can’t figure out how to shorten mine either.

  3. The concept of 14 character username really sucks, literally!
    They should let the username be long comprising the length of the tweet
    160 char = username + tweet length + handler
    I want to have exact name of my company @designautomation but that leads to 16 characters just 1 lengthier.

  4. I’m actually deleting all my twitter accounts since i get more “is that the same comany as on facebook?” questions and it’s annoying not just to me but to my clients. I thought twitter would be a business oriented platform but I can’t do business with half my name.

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