Evernote to search the contents of your items in storage

How Evernote could find my IRL items in storage

Evernote can hold so many things. Blog drafts, photos of notes, articles. It’s amazing archival service that is searchable. It even searches for text in your photos!

Today I was looking for a blog draft about my notepad setup, I headed over to Evernote and searched for “notepad.” Certainly enough the notepad blog post came up, but in the other results, a photo of one of my moving boxes came up indicating it contains my large notepads.

When I was moving, I was concerned that certain boxes might get misplaced. So I photographed the labels of all my moving boxes, and uploaded them to Evernote for safe keeping–just in case.

The move is now long done. The boxes are sealed up in a storage unit, but the value of Evernote continues. All my hand-written notes are indexed and searchable by Evernote. Now Evernote can search not only my digital documents, but it can search the content of actual storage boxes!

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