What was I going to google?

Google, the mind reader. Ever forget what you are doing at the moment and you turn to Google to tell you what you were just doing?

  • “What was I just doing?” results in about 197,000 results.
  • “What was I just thinking?” gives about 295,000 results.
  • Most valuable of them all is when you want to google something, but you forget what you want to google. “What was I going to google?” returns only about 19 results.

Google has lots of results for questions about what you were just doing, or what you were just thinking. But when you want google to tell you what you were about to google, it falls flat. 19 results? Seriously?

Here’s a letter I’d like to write to Google:

Google, please tell me what I was about to Google. I know you are all about providing search results for things even before I think about searching for it. So when I actually come to ask you what I was going to google about, I want you to tell me! Are you hiding something from me, Google?!

Actually, I searched that entire phrase (without the quotation marks), and got a couple interesting results like, 7 Things Google is Hiding From You and Google Chrome Listening In To Your Room. Yipes! Scary stuff. But I still let Google know all my curiosities, including the ones that I forget.

Certainly there are plenty of people who ask Google what they were just about to google for. But according to Google Trends, there really aren’t many people doing that search.

What was I going to google?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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1 thought on “What was I going to google?”

  1. Urban Dictionary even has a definition for Google amnesia:
    When you want to search something on Google and have it open, you are distracted by something and forget what you wanted to search.

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