How can you automate more of what you do?

It can be a scary prospect to some–they don’t want their job automated. But really, if you know how to build a script, why not automate tasks of your job? Get things done faster, move onto other projects.

I’ve always wanted more workers to be able to code–to write scripts to make regular tasks go faster. Writing Applescripts to automate file naming, using Photoshop actions to auto-crop and resize images, and writing macros to find and replace text in Word.

Stephen Wolfram makes the connection between agriculture 100 years ago, and the business world now. 100 years ago, 80% of us were in farming. That field became automated, so now we don’t have to farm. It’s exciting to think of how much we can truly automate the tasks we do today to free us to think and make more connections.

(Hat-tip to James Pinnick for posting the Wolfram Alpha article on his Flipboard)

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