Nine new podcasts

iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy” section had nine podcasts that piqued my interest. I’m subscribing to these nine podcasts to give them a shot. We’ll see which ones make it onto my podcast playlist on my iPhone.

In no particular order, here’s the nine:

Imaginary Worlds
Imaginary Worlds

By Eric Molinsky
Science fiction and other fantasy genres — how we create them and why we suspend our disbelief.

Think again
Think Again

by Big Think
We surprise some of the world’s brightest minds with ideas they’re not at all prepared to discuss. With host Jason Gots and special guests Henry Rollins, Bill Nye, George Takei, Jason Silva, and many more.

Science vs
Science Vs

By ABC Radio and Wendy Zukerman
Science journalist Wendy Zukerman dissects the latest fad framing itself as scientific fact. Each week Wendy wades through the mass of information so you don’t have to. Do women and men have different brains? Is porn changing the way we have sex? Does race exist? Is sugar really that bad for you? Everyone has an opinion but then, there’s SCIENCE. A new episode will be available every Wednesday.

What's the point
What’s the Point

by FiveThirtyEight
Big data, small interviews. From FiveThirtyEight. A podcast about our data age. Each week, host Jody Avirgan brings you stories and interviews about how data is changing our lives.


A podcast for the schemers and dreamers. Identical twins Dave and Jeff Rosenberg, along with host Mike Karnell come up with true hustles and make billions so you don’t have to.

Patreon Podcast
By Chris Cowan
A weekly podcast featuring conversations with creative people who have made their projects available for support on Patreon! NOTE: Patreon Podcast is not affiliated with Patreon

What it takes
By Academy of Achievement
What It Takes is a podcast featuring intimate, revealing conversations with towering figures in almost every field: music, science, sports, politics, film, technology, literature, the military and social justice. These rare interviews have been recorded over the past 25 years by The Academy of Achievement. They offer the life stories and reflections of people who have had a huge impact on the world, and insights you can apply to your own life.

by Popular Science
Hosted by Popular Science Assistant Editor Lindsey Kratochwill and Associate Editor Breanna Draxler, Futuropolis is a new podcast about everyday life in the future. We’ve always wondered what it will be like to grab dinner on Mars, pilot a flying car, or walk a robot dog. So to find out, we talk to the scientists, engineers, and innovators who are shaping the world of tomorrow. Plus we dig into Popular Science’s archives to revisit past predictions.

Explain Things To Me
by Anna Akana
Hosts Anna Akana and Brad Gage sit down with experts to discuss their various fields.

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3 thoughts on “Nine new podcasts”

  1. I’m also trying a new way of listening to my podcasts. At work, I set my iTunes to include only the one most recent episode of each podcast. While, yes, there will be some episodes I will miss, because my work iTunes won’t be keeping a list o recent episodes for each podcast; this will enable me to not get overwhelmed by the number of podcasts to listen to.

    Then I sort the audio podcasts by length of time, the shortest being the first. That way, I get to listen to more podcasts. The hour-long podcasts don’t get in the way of the shorter ones.

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