How do you record quick notes?

Let’s say you are at working in front of your computer. You have something you need to quickly write down. Do you use a sticky note or a digital file?

Ten years ago I used to jot quick things down on sticky notes or a paper notepad. But now I jot things down into a text file on my computer.

Screenshot of blog post draft in textwrangler
How my blog post draft looks in TextWrangler.

My text program of choice for these quick notes is TextWrangler. It’s plain and simple. No formatting. For some odd reason, I rather like the mono-space font.

However, now TextWrangler is no longer being developed. The developers of the program say that we are supposed to switch over to BBEdit. I just can’t get myself to change programs. I have an odd affinity for TextWrangler.

Today is the day that I finally move over to BBEdit. I’m going to be doing more code/programming work, and I understand that BBEdit is good for that. Here goes! I’m actually kinda nervous letting go of TextWrangler. But this comparison chart makes me feel better.

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Leigh Hanlon
2 years ago

Have you considered Simplenote?

It’s from the WordPress folks. Like the name says, it’s simple

Erik Maldre
Erik Maldre
2 years ago

For the last 20+ years I’ve been using Apple’s TextEdit (formerly SimpleText).

cmd-shift-t puts it into my preferred mode, plain text, an extremely minimal interface which can be tucked into the corner of screen saving tons or real estate. Super efficient.

Its content gets copied/pasted into a Google doc if it’s important enough to save. (Been using Google docs for the past ten years.)

I also love that plain text mode strips out all the formatting and uses monospace text.

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