Pearl Crescent Page Saver alternative

The problem in Firefox

Missing something? Some extensions are no longer supported by Firefox.

Since Firefox is labeling a slew of extensions as “legacy”, they are no longer allowing users to enable these “legacy” extensions.

Here is a list of my legacy extensions in Firefox:

Firefox legacy extensions

Firefox disabled 11 of my 18 extensions

One of my favorites was “Pearl Crescent Page Saver” This extension allows you to take a screenshot of the entire webpage, including the parts below the fold of the browser. As a graphic designer, I use this extension all the time.

And now Firefox no longer lets me use this ability. The “Find a Replacement” button doesn’t yield any extensions that perform this valuable action.

The screenshot solution in Chrome

Fireshot extension

But good news! Chrome does have an extension: FireShot let’s you take full webpage screenshots. 19,062 people have installed this extension, so I feel it’s legitimate. If you had your favorite screenshot extension disabled in Firefox, give FireShot in Chrome a shot.

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