New comic initiatives: Comics Accelerator, Diamond Digital, Digital Comics Reader, Cyber Force Kickstarter, Comics Plus

Comic Book Resources touched on a few new and ongoing digital comics projects in their article, CCI: New frontiers for iVerse’s digital comics.

Comics Accelerator
The Comics Accelerator sounds cool for how you can buy a comics in kickstarter-style, AND there is no DRM. However, the site looks WAY too much like Kickstarter. I’d imagine Kickstarter will be making them change their look really soon.

Diamond Digital program & Digital Comics Reader
I hope one of my Chicago comic book shops participates in the Diamond Digital program. Buying a download code at a bricks and mortar shop sounds intriguing. I wonder how they will display digital comics. Or maybe it’s for print comics, and you buy the code as an extra price to get it digitally? The app, Digital Comics Reader, launched today! It seems there will be stores participating starting Wednesday.

Cyber Force kickstarter
The Cyber Force kickstarter campaign is a bit weird. Most digital comic Kickstarter campaigns have you donate a certain amount to get the digital book. They are making their digital book free regardless if you donate. So there isn’t the immediate return on donating, unless if you want a $50 hardcover or a $10 print of the cover. While in concept it’s cool, I’m not sure if they will reach their $75,000 goal, because when people donate on Kickstarter they want the digital copy in return for their pledge bracket. I gave $1.23, just so I can get the reminder when the book is available.

Comics Plus
Although not mentioned specifically in the comicsresource article, somewhere along the trail of links in the article, I found the iVerse app, Comics Plus. So it seems the Digital Comics Reader is an app for reading print comic books from brick and mortar stores. Where Comics Plus is a pure digital comic app. Although I was able to use the same user/pass for the Digital Comics Reader and Comics Plus.

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