DC comics app by comiXology (redudant?)

It seems slightly redundant that DC comics would have their own app developed by comiXology. Why not just read your comics on the original ComiXology app? They state:

  • An entirely new design and interface
  • Easier search functionality that allows readers to find their favorite comics and characters much faster
  • New ways to search and receive suggestions based on ongoing series, characters and specific storylines

We’ll have to see if the “new design” really makes that much of a difference. If I can, I would prefer my comic book reading be done all in one place. Maybe I’m biased, because I really don’t know the difference between Marvel and DC. Really. Comics people are SHOCKED when I say that, but I frankly don’t care which publisher it comes from. The same holds true for my comics reading app. Just keep it all in one place with ComiXology. Perhaps this character search feature might be nice in DC’s app.

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