Facebook behaves like old media, only worse

When you purchase a book, you expect the entire book to be there, right? Imagine if Facebook was a book publisher. Facebook would cut out certain parts of the book and not allow readers to see them. With every book, you wouldn’t know what parts of the book were missing. It would be completely random.

That’s what Facebook currently does with your news stream on Facebook. They pick and choose what you get to see. Even if you make a short list of people where you want to see every single post, Facebook will still cut out posts. You will never know what’s missing.

Mark Cuban has moved his business away from Facebook for this very reason.

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I’ve been using Facebook less and less over the past year, because I don’t like their practices of limiting the content we can see. Now I will grant them this point, there are many many people out there who don’t want to make a list of what they want to see. They just want simple content fed to them. There are many spoon-feeders out there. But I would also argue there are many people who don’t want things spoon-fed to them. I believe our online audiences are sophisticated enough now to pick what they want to see. Facebook doesn’t allow… Read more »


Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist: All companies who limit innovation on their platform. A great article: http://observer.com/2012/09/broken-on-purpose/


It’s great to see other industry experts have the same opinion:
“Facebook vs. Twitter: How do you like your social news feed, filtered or unfiltered?”
by Mathew Ingram


[…] ways how Google Reader is was the best service: 1) You get everything you want. In our age where Facebook only shows you some posts, Google Reader didn’t edit stuff out. You can read it all and you have trust that every […]