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When there is a trending topic, do you want to gather together all your friend’s thoughts? We’ve got facebook, twitter, and blogs. But man, everything is scattered all over the place. Wouldn’t it be nice to see everyone’s thoughts in one place?

With feedly you can get all your trusted source’s opinions on a specific topic, in one place. Yesterday feedly announced you can search all your feeds with feedly pro. Costing $5/month or $99 lifetime, it’s a bit steep, however if you value reading blogs, feedly is bar none the best option out there.

Let’s take a look at an example. Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post. Doing a search for: jeff bezos resulted in articles from the sources I like. Fantastic!

Search within all your trusted sources

Here’s some snippets from my sources on this trending topic:

Dave Winer links to an interesting blog post with lots of interesting facts, like “The Washington Post has a pension plan that’s overfunded by $604m. That’s a great deal for $250m and he gets the newspaper for free.”

Jeff Jarvis speculates on how will local advertisers respond to the Bezos-owned Washington Post.

Daily Cartoonist has a funny comment:
Based on your previous purchases, Jeff Bezos, you might also like:
— The Los Angeles Times
— The Orlando Sentinel
— Newsweek

Poytner posted a funny youtube video from Taiwan.

Gigaom lists the 11 companies that Jeff Bezos has invested in before the Washington Post. These range from 3d printers to Second Life to Behance.

These are all sources I love. Being able to search for specific topics and getting great results is something I love even more.

Thank you feedly.

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Matt Maldre
7 years ago

It’s funny how the red markup in my screenshot kinda looks like ketchup. Note to self: do not put white embossing on red pencil drawings.

Kevin Eagan
7 years ago

Good thoughts on curating and filtering for trending topics. Feedly is pretty good for that purpose.

For me, this is why I still rely on traditional news sources for trends and news rather than blogs. I prefer blogs for commentary and perspective and go to sites like or PaidContent for news. What are your thoughts on this approach?

Matt Maldre
7 years ago
Reply to  Kevin Eagan

Yeah, you make a good point, Kevin. It feels like the past few years I haven’t been as good at following trends. Instead I have been favoring reading from sites where I can make a closer connection with the author.

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