Living in the golden age of television

Man, we have lots of ways to watch tv!

We are very lucky to be living in this time. The variety of ways of watching video is simply amazing. Right now we currently have broadcast stations, subscription-based cable television, youtube free-for-all, high-quality vimeo, streaming ustream channels, and video podcasts.

Then we got things like chromecast to push video to tv. Apple TV and netflix to get stuff on demand. DVRs to record live tv with super-ease. We can watch videos on the train or in the park.

We can talk about tv online, live as it happens. There are a plethora of websites dedicated to analyzing episodes of all genres of television programming.

(Hat-tip to Kevin Eagan for inspiring this  with his blog post, “Tuesday Books: Three Books on the Golden Age of Television“)

Do you think we are living in the golden age of television? Let us know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Living in the golden age of television”

    1. The Chromecast is nice. Right now it can only push Netflix or Youtube to your TV. (I believe Android devices can push Google Play as well). Hopefully app developers will start to incorporate the Chromecast button into their apps, so the Chromecast’s remote control abilities can expand to a wider range of channels.

      And thank you, Kevin, for writing such inspiring posts. 🙂

  1. I wonder at what point we’ll stop referring to it as “TV” – since consumption seems to be shifting away from actual TVs at an increasing rate.

    1. Yeah, we don’t call videos on Youtube as “TV.” What do we call them? Videos?

      “When I get home I like to watch ‘videos.'” That sounds strange. We humans like to call things by their channel.

      “I’m watching *Netflix* tonight.” (not, I’m watching tv episodes on netflix)
      “Sometimes I veg out in front of *Youtube*.” (not, I’m vegging out in front of breakdance videos… well, maybe we do say that).
      “I waste too much time reading Facebook.” (not, I waste too much time reading status updates)

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