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3 Comments on "Will websites be replaced by apps?"

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I really don’t understand this, primarily the “[…] to have their purchases influenced by smartphone applications”. What apps? Facebook? Are they counting the influence from friends’/families’ posts towards this stat? Angry Birds? Are they counting the fact that I bought Angry Birds fruit snack as an “app influenced purchase”? [This one might actually be valid] “App use” will grow as the shift towards mobile devices continues, but I don’t think that average websites have any need/pressure to app-ify, and it doesn’t seem to be a trend. It would be incredibly painful to have to install apps for the common websites… Read more »
Matt Maldre

Sparx, yeah, i’ve been meaning to write a followup blog post that comes more from the other perspective. A week after writing this post, I came across a counter-point article that points out that in-app purchases by teens are mostly game purchases.


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