Bing loses the three-week fight against Google

Jumping over the Bing cliff for $10

Bing loses. My three-week experiment using bing as my primary search engine is over. I couldn’t stand to go a full month. The results on Bing were just too spammy. Google’s results are so much more trustworthy. All of Google’s efforts to cut-down on content farms and suspicious pages really does pay off. While I don’t like that some of the innocent real pages are suffering by Google’s cuts, I do like having a search engine where I know I get good results.

Bing’s rewards are nice. You can get a penny reward for every bing search you do. But is a penny really worth it? I’d pay that extra penny to get better results. I do about 775 google searches per month. That’s about $7.75 per month to have better search results. Totally worth it.

If someone paid you $10 a month to drop Google’s search and only use Bing, would you do it?

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Matt Maldre
7 years ago

Realistically, you can earn up to 15 bing credits per day for 30 searches. (it’s one credit for every two searches). That comes to 450 credits every 30 days. Therefore, it’s really $4.50 per month you can earn. But $10 sounds more tempting for the hypothetical question.

Steven Parsons
Steven Parsons
7 years ago

Probably not worth my time. Bing does not give the desired results that Google provides. At least not that I have found. When it comes down to it, $4.50 or $10.00 isn’t worth the frustration to me.

7 years ago

No. I find Bing atrocious for many reasons. First and foremost, the search results are terrible and as you said, spammy. Second, Bing takes advantage of those who know how to use the internet, but not how really how things work. Nearly every week the family I nanny for asks me why their default search engine is suddenly Bing again, and ask me to change it back. They don’t realize that their free crappy anti-virus software and the updates they download often have a very hard to notice checkmark to change their default search engine to Bing. But if Bing… Read more »

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