Why netflix renames “queue” to “my list”


The queue is now called “my list” in netflix. Why would netflix change that term?

Six possible reasons why Netflix changed “queue” to “my list”:

1. The general public not know what queue means
dictionary.com defines queue as:

queue [kyoo] noun
1. a braid of hair worn hanging down behind.
2. a file or line, especially of people waiting their turn.

2) People thought Netflix queue was some sort of hair style
As mentioned in reason 1, the first definition of queue is a hair braid. Who knew! Isn’t that a ponytail?

3) Queue is too hard to spell
Although when would you ever need to spell queue on their service?

The searches for: netflix q are on the rise. Please don’t tell me that people actually thought it was “nextflix q”
Google Trends: Netflix Q

Also on the rise are searches for neflix que:
Google Trends: Netflix Que

Thankfully searches for netflix cue are on the decline. The most common misspellings for queue are:

  • que (71%)
  • queu (9%)
  • queque (6%)
  • qeue (6%)
  • quque (2%)
  • kew (1%)
  • quaue (1%)

All of these don’t have enough search volume to show up on Google Trends.

4) Queue is too intimidating
A queue implies that all these movies and tv shows are waiting in line to be watched. Whereas a list is merely a list. The Atlantic has a great article about how the internet stream is getting to be too much for people to keep up with, “2013: The Year ‘the Stream’ Crested

5) Lists are more friendly
Everyone loves lists. Top five lists are extremely popular in blogs. Wait-a-minute. Isn’t this blog post a list? Why yes it is. In that spirit, let’s add another item to our list.

6) People love making lists
We love reading lists, but I bet people love making lists even more. We all aren’t great at accomplishing what’s on our lists, but we do get a sheer enjoyment building a list.

What would you name it?
If I had the choice of what to name the queue / my list, i’d name it. “Stuff that sounds cool to watch, but it might take me years to finally getting around to watching it”

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4 thoughts on “Why netflix renames “queue” to “my list””

    1. Oooh. In radio, it’s a “cue.” Hmm. I wonder why radio doesn’t use “queue.” Perhaps in radio, cue is meant more as a verb instead of a noun. With netflix, queue is a noun–or I should say, was a noun (since they no longer use queue).

      Looking up “cue” on dictionary.com, it lists the nouns first. Hmm. Merriam Webster also lists the nouns definitions as the first two, the verb being third.

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