Does your content hide behind a play button?

Video is great, but do visitors ever get past the play button? Sometimes when visiting a webpage for a service, the page might be nice and simple with one single video. In marketing tactics, a focused page is great. No distractions. One call to action. In this case, watch the video. You’d think that people would click through to watch. But often I don’t.

Intro to Telesofia Medical - Telesofia MedicalOne example of a focused landing page is Telesofia Medical. When a coworker shared the simple landing page with me, however, I didn’t get past the play button. I generally have a no-watching-video rule at work, because it keeps me focused on my job (otherwise I would be distracted all day by baby monkeys riding backwards on a pig).

Certainly, there are many cases where there is a video that applies directly to my job. But I have a hard-fast rule to not watch non-work related videos. Often that creeps over into services I’m reviewing for work.

Not watching video at work must certainly apply to other corporate workers as well. It makes me question using a marketing page where the sole focus is a video.

No final thoughts here. The medium of video is certainly powerful, so are focused landing pages. However, the combination of the two can sometimes be a challenge, as a play button can actually hide your great content.

Do you watch video at work?

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