Are you more of a desktop person or mobile person?

We hear all about how mobile is overtaking desktop. PC desktop sales have been sliding since 2011 (via Most news websites are now mobile first. There’s even cool graphs to show this:

Infographic: Most News Websites Are Now Mobile First | Statista

Infographic: Global PC Sales Fall to Eight-Year Low  | Statista

But what about yourself? Are you visiting more webpages on mobile than desktop?

Out of my friends and family, I’m usually the first one to pull out my phone when a question about something comes up. I also read on my cell phone on the train every day and night.

However, perhaps a sign of myself getting older, but I prefer the experience of surfing the web on my desktop rather than mobile. While mobile is super handy to look up stuff or to read while on transit, when I’m sitting at my desk, I’d rather be on my desktop.

I wonder how many webpages I visit on mobile vs. desktop. Thanks to the Chrome extension “Export history,” I am able to see that in the past 90 days, I have visited 13,400 pages on desktop. With Firefox, I manually did the count in the history box to see that I have 7,516 pages. For a total of 20,916 pages in 90s days. That’s 232 pages a day.

I wish there was a way of easily seeing how many pages I visited on mobile.

Do you think you view more webpages on desktop or mobile? Please leave your comments below or on Twitter.

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