How to force Facebook to show posts from certain Pages

Tired of how Facebook doesn’t show you posts from your friend’s Facebook Pages? Crazy, right? You are friends with someone, yet you never see what’s on their Facebook Page in your news stream.

Here’s how to fix it so Facebook will show you posts from Facebook Pages that YOU specify. Use lists in Facebook–wait–Facebook has lists?

Yes, Facebook has lists. There are two types of lists in Facebook: friend lists and interest lists.

  • Friend lists do what they sound like. It’s a list of specific friends.
  • Interest lists include Pages you specify.

In this case we will make an interest list with specific Pages.

1. Go to

2. Click on Add Interests

Create Facebook interest list for Pages

3. Facebook will try to give you all these suggestions. But please! We don’t want what Facebook suggests. We want posts from the Pages we specify. Click on Create List.

Create list facebook

4. A list of all your liked Pages appear. Select the ones you want to add. Click Next.

Facebook list of pages

5. Give your list a name. Decide what privacy settings to do. I’m making mine public. Click Done.

Finish your facebook list

6. You are done. Make sure to bookmark your new list! Here’s the bookmark to my list containing all my friends’ Pages:

Tomorrow, I’ll outline a fun list of all my friend’s Pages. 🙂

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