Say something funny for each of your #firstsevenjobs

A fun meme called #firstsevenjobs is going around where you list the your first seven jobs.

Here’s mine:
1. Ice Cream Artist
2. Sculpture Lab Technician
3. House painter
4. Design Intern
5. Design Lab Technician
6. Art Director
7. Graphic Designer

Some people add additional info to their list, like the company name, maybe a fun job description. You would think that more information is helpful. But just a list of the job titles is more interesting to me.

When more information is added, it starts to feel like a resume. Nobody wants to read resumes… Unless if you include something funny about each job. I will attempt to do so with my list:

1. Ice Cream Artist: when sticking your head under the frozen yogurt machine and filling your mouth with frozen yogurt, only do this in short quick spurts.

2. Sculpture Lab Technician: a student wanted to make a paster cast of his arm, so he filled a bucket with wet plaster and stuck his entire arm in it up to his armpit. I had to break the thick mold off his arm, because it started to burn as it hardened.

3. House painter: co-workers would regularly go to the suburbs and rob people. Srsly. (not me, of course) One even got caught robbing the foreman’s house.

4. Design Intern: learned that some clients don’t care about what their brochure does, only if the company saves money from producing it cheaply.

5. Design Lab Technician: amazed people with my ability to reverse a selection in Photoshop 3. (Not Photoshop CS3, but the original 3.0 from 1996)

6. Art Director: a family of raccoons lived under the floor of my desk.

7. Graphic Designer: got the job by responding to a newspaper display ad featuring Dick Tracy.

What were your first seven jobs?

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