Endorphins or ten dolphins?

'It's nothing serious. His endorphins haven't kicked in yet.'

“When I get a task done, I get a little endorphin shot of satisfaction.” A blogger explains his brain rush with productivity. For many people these endorphins apparently come out during good physical exercise.

I don’t get it.

Whenever someone speaks about how they experience “a rush of endorphins,” I get visions of dolphins jumping around this person’s head. Maybe I’m not in tune with my body enough to realize that I’m experiencing these dolphins.

Do you experience endorphins? If so, when?

Being an INTJ, the T stands for thinking. I lean far more on my thinking side than my feeling side. Maybe if I was more of a feeler, then I would understand these endorphins. —oops! Maybe that’s my problem. I want to understand the endorphins, rather than FEEL the endorphins.

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3 thoughts on “Endorphins or ten dolphins?”

    1. Heh, maybe that’s why I don’t keep a regular To Do List. Although sometimes I wonder if I just have a regular stream of these endorphins all the time, so any extra doesn’t really register. Let’s go with that theory. MIGHTY MORPHIN ENDORPHIN POWER!

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  • Adrenaline is your skydiving friend, not foe!

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