Idea: Auto-tweeting your blog archive

Imagine a service that would automatically tweet all your archived blog posts from this day. It would look at your blog archive to find what you posted on this day one year ago, two years ago, etc. The headline and URL would be automatically tweeted. If there are multiple blog posts, space the tweets an hour apart.

Better yet, it would first put all the tweets into a queue for you to review. There are some blog post that are time-sensitive that you wouldn’t want to be tweeting about.

Yesterday I covered a WordPress plug-in that shows you a list of your past blog posts from that day. But it’s up to you to manually tweet those articles. I want to take this list and have it automatically generate the list.

I could just export my WordPress database into a spreadsheet, monkey around with the fields, and then have something that can be uploaded to a tweeting service. I think Tweetdeck takes csv files.

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