How did newspapers report politics leading up the civil war?

Newspapers reporting start of Civil War

The ongoing story of 2017 is Donald Trump and this pure dichotomy of America. The divided sides feels very much like we are leading up to a Civil War. This makes me wonder what America was like before the Civil War–and specifically how did the media of that time cover it?

Six articles that I’ll read about Civil War and newspapers

  1. How the Civil War gave birth to modern journalism in the nation

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James Pinnick
James Pinnick

Matt, you’re baiting me with an article like this, aren’t you? One of my favorite topics–media history! In addition to your articles there are a few good books on the topic. One of my favorite is more an illustration than explanation: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The First Complete Unexpurgated Text The surface topic is fascinating itself–where the debate around slavery stood in 1858 from the actual words of both sides, when debates long speeches vs trading soundbites. But the even more fascinating idea is how the author found the transcripts of these speeches and decided which versions to include. The… Read more »