Tribune Publishing new logo, replacing the old tronc logo

Tribune Publishing logo on Cisco phone
The first time most Tribune Publishing employees (myself included) saw our new logo was on our Cisco phone display this morning.

Closeup of Tribune Publishing logo in 8-bit grayscale
As a designer, I enjoy that my first experience with our brand was in 8-bit grayscale.

Tribune Publishing logo announced via email
For the Tribune employees who check their email on the way into the office, their first experience of our logo would have been this email at 8:18am (snippet shown)

Tribune Publishing logo 2018
Overall, I love our new logo. It’s professional, clean, and smart. The brackets in the Tribune Publishing logo look like a shortcode. For our digital era, it’s like saying, “embed great content on your website” (I’m speaking from the syndicate side of Tribune Content Agency).

Tribune Publishing brackets used as branding elements
The brackets also serve as a nice branding element to apply to text.

Just as a reminder, for two years and four months, here was our corporate logo:
Tronc logo announced June 2, 2016

This week, the company dropped the “tronc” name and went back to Tribune Publishing.

The reaction online from Tribune employees seeing the new logo has been of joy.

I never expected to walk into work today and squeal, "Look at my phone!" The switch from tronc to Tribune Publishing is, for me, more psychological than aesthetic. I didn't much care about being called tronc, but Tribune Publishing feels right.

Thumbs up for Tribune Publishing logo. Like the no-frills sans serif type, the emphasis on "Tribune" + the blue brackets, which suggest precision. Unlike the dumb Tronc logo, which looked like the explosion of Crayola crayon box, this embodies the company's non-flashy strength.

It’s for real...Tribune Publishing is back!

I’m live-tweeting all the Tribune Publishing logo fun today. Follow the twitter thread.

The cake has arrived!
The Tribune Publishing logo cake

The choice of mug to hold the utensils for the cake is a fun sentiment.
Oh happy day mug

If the brackets in the logo represent a shortcode, then does this branded cake represent an image slice?
slicing the Tribune Publishing cake

My cake slice has a piece of the bracket! And it tastes so good!
Slice of the Tribune Publishing logo cake

Now that all the Tribune employees have eaten the logo cake, does that mean we all have absorbed the new identity into the essence of our beings? We are now indoctrinated back into the Tribune Publishing family.

Tribune Publishing cake eaten

I’m glad to see that Tribune Publishing opted to go for a simple [T] for their Twitter icon, as opposed to TP.

Tribune Publishing on Twitter

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