When a site has so many buttons, you don’t know what to do.

Have you ever visited a site looking to download something, but then the site is so completely covered with buttons, you don’t know which button to tap. That’s what happened to me today.

I’m completely grateful for sites that give free resources for people to download. It’s wonderful. It’s great. It’s the age of the internet!

I’m looking to mockup some articles on a phone. There are a plethora of sites that provide photoshop templates where you can easily drop your designs into a photo of a phone. Today I was looking for photoshop files of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. One of the top results is this site with the plethora of buttons.

screenshot of page with nine buttons

This site provides this great resource, and they need to make money. I get it. They need people to click their ads. But wow. This is crazy.

Before the actual true download button for the purpose of the page, there are a total of NINE other buttons. I have to scroll past nine download buttons to get to the true download button.

My goodness.

And guess what? clicking the true button doesn’t load the photoshop file. Instead it brought me to another page loaded with twelve more buttons before finally showing the true download button.

But wait. There is still not a download button. Instead I must first click the “Follow PSD Zone on twitter” button. How much do I want this?!

more buttons!

Once I follow them on Twitter, I finally get the actual download button:

Impressive that 698 other people went through this same routine. Wow. Internet.

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