Looking at your screenshots from ten years ago

16,153 screenshots saved

Screenshots are such a handy way of capturing information on screen. Do you save your screenshots? I do. I save so many screenshots, it’s crazy. In the past 120 days, I have about 700 screenshots.

Ten years from now we should play a game.

Every day, look at random screenshot you made from exactly ten years ago. Try to guess why you took that screenshot.

Here’s an example of one from eight years ago that’s almost from this day. On 2/23/2012, I took this screenshot:

A screenshot from 2/23/2012

This is a screenshot from the website, Weatherist.com. I saw the Weatherist creators talk at Chicago’s Technori in November 2011. The Weatherist website scraped all the weather forecasts from the Chicago broadcast stations. Weatherist then compared the forecasts with the actual weather to determine the most accurate forecast.

Too bad the site is no longer up. The domain weatherist.com is for sale at $1,895. The broadcast stations probably didn’t like this site scraping their forecasts.

And yes, here’s a screenshot of that domain for sale.

Do you save old screenshots?

Oh, the memories! Looking through old screenshots is like looking through a photo album.

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