Why your potential domain name is great, according to Godaddy

When you search for available domains on Godaddy, they immediately give you reasons why you should reserve the domain.

Godaddy screenshot: Why it's great: everydaypsalm.com

I checked with Godaddy if “everydaypsalm.com” is available. Right next to the results was listed the reasons I should grab it now:

Why it’s great.
• “Everyday” is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $1,803.00.
• “Everydaypsalm.com” is easy to remember.
• Includes Basic Privacy Protection.

Let’s look at these three reasons

  • “Everyday” is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $1,803.00. This reason is fantastic! It’s specific. It’s enticing—such a high number! However, $1,803 seems so high that it’s not realistic. There’s no way I would ever get $1,803 for everydaypsalm.com. Using the “average” is a bit misleading.
    Let’s say you have twenty domains using “everyday”. 19 get sold for $50. One gets sold for $35,000. Those twenty domains have an “average” of $1797. Using the median price would have been much more realistic.
  • “Everydaypsalm.com” is easy to remember. It’s a little snappy, but it seems a bit long to me.
  • Includes Basic Privacy Protection. Umm, any domain can have privacy protection. This says nothing about the specific domain I’m looking up.

Does Godaddy give other reasons why a domain “is great”?

What happens when we check on a bad domain. Like, “thisisahorribledomain.com“?

Godaddy screenshot: why it's great: thisishorribledomain.com
  • “Is a” is a high value keyword that has an average sales price of $1883.00. Ha! They use some of the same first reason. Even the value is almost exactly the same! $1883 here, $1803 in the previous example. Also, funny how the high value keyword isn’t “horrible”.
  • “Is a” and “This” are widely used keywords. This is new reason. However, “Is a” and “This” are keywords? I normally think of those as stopwords.
  • Includes Basic Privacy Protection. Because they are really pushing this feature.

Let’s force this “horrible” word by putting “horrible” at the beginning of the domain name, “horribledomain.com“. Will Godaddy say anything about how “horrible” is so great?

Godaddy screenshot: horribledomain.com is taken

Ok, let’s change it to: horribleresults.com

Godaddy screenshot: why it's great: horribleresults.com

Hrmm. Nothing about the word “horrible.” Maybe Godaddy is programming this thing to be smart enough to talk about how great “horrible” is. Amusing that they talk about how having a “.com” extension is great. LOL. If that’s all you have to say about this domain is like saying the obvious.

What happens when “godaddy” is in the name?

• godaddyisthebest.com: taken

Disclaimer: I don’t think Godaddy is the best. In fact, I’m thinking of switching all my domains to name.com, but anyhow, let’s press forward and see what Godaddy will say when we include their name in the domain.

• godaddyisthesuperbest.com: taken
• godaddyisthesupderduperbest.com: taken. Really. Super duper best. Man. They are covering their bases!
• godaddyisthesupderduperduperbest.com: taken. NO. WAY.

Ok, this is getting crazy. Let’s mash the keyboard.
• godaddyhlaskjagvuyagljhabkjshvbakjhsebajsgvkjhae.com: taken.

Clearly, Godaddy doesn’t allow any domain starting with “godaddy” to be reserved. What happens when we put it in the middle of the name?
• hlaskjagvuyagljhabkjshvgodaddybakjhsebajsgvkjhae.com: taken.

No where in the name can the string of letters “godaddy” exist. That’s funny. I guess that’s kinda smart on their part? Protecting their brand. Granted, someone can just go to some other registrar to get it. But at least they are putting up a little bit of an obstacle to protect their name.

Any more reasons that Godaddy uses for “Why your domain is great”?

Ok, back to the fun rationales that Godaddy gives why you should get that particular domain you are checking for. I tried a bunch of other domains, but the same reasons kept coming up.

  • ________ is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $1,883.00.
  • ________ are widely used keywords.
  • ________ is easy to remember.
  • ________ uses the .com extension

I was really hoping there would be more reasons.

Oh, wait. Let’s try one more. Something a bit long—and silly: myartlikestofart.com

Godaddy screenshot: why it's great: myartlikestofart.com

Ahhh, yes. It’s certainly “unique.” Take that for however you wish to interpret it. It’s “unique” in the sense that it’s “special” and “precious”. Something a parent would say to their child’s gangly creation. Or maybe they are being literal. Yes, this domain is unique. There is no other domain with that exact set of letters in that order, so yes. It is unique. Only one of these.

The complete list of “Why it’s great” reasons Godaddy uses for domains

  • ________ is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $1,883.00.
  • ________ are widely used keywords.
  • ________ is easy to remember.
  • ________ uses the .com extension.
  • ________ is unique.

Kudos to Godaddy for giving some specific reasons why your potential domain name is good. Granted, some of the reasons are generic, but hey, they are trying something that might have some slight help for their customers.

Here’s hoping your domain is unique!

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