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I installed an ad blocker to block the tracking scripts on Every time I visit that site, my computer’s fans would spin up crazy. I really don’t mind seeing the ads. No video ads. Actually, I don’t even know what ads they were, because I never really noticed them.

What I do mind is the all the processing power their ad trackers take up. I’m using a Chrome extension that would block only one site. AdGuard AdBlocker. But it seems to be blocking ads on all sites.

Since I installed the ad tracker, my web experience overall is much better. No more computer heating up anywhere I go.

I really don’t mind websites making money off my visits. In fact, I prefer that sites I visit make money. I want sites and publishers to succeed. Someday I’ll hopefully figure out how to block ads only on specific sites. When my computer’s CPU is going crazy from a site, I’ll just add that site to my ad block list.

I also enjoy ads that are relevant. They can be beneficial. But if the ads go overload on loading a hundred trackers, then that’s a bit much and I’ll block them.

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