Twitter usernames are still limited to under 15 characters

I thought I was able to sign up for the twitter handle @christiannnotebook. I was excited because that name used to be too long. Since 2005 I’ve owned the domain where I blog about Christian stuff. Having a matching Twitter handle would be nice.

Today for kicks, I tried signing up with @christiannotebook, and TWITTER LET ME SIGN UP!

But once I was logged in, I found out they made my username @christiannoteb2. I must have missed something in the process of signing up, because I don’t recall seeing that as my username. I tried changing it to @christiannotebook, and THEN Twitter finally said that the name is too long. “Your username must be shorter than 15 characters.”

I have no need for a Twitter account named @christiannoteb2.

This will be the first twitter account that I delete/terminate. Yes, I have something like 75 Twitter accounts. I will finally delete one.

A few moments later.


Funny how they say “deactivated” instead of “delete” or “terminate”

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