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My 11 essential Chrome menu bar icons

The Chrome menu bar can be a great location for shortcuts. I use my menu bar to get instant notifications of new emails and Linkedin messages. My menu bar also allows me to take the webpage I’m currently viewing and quick check it’s popularity, save an article, and annotate the page. However, your Chrome menu […]

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Social media: referral traffic vs. engagement

Facebook and Pinterest may drive a lot of traffic to websites, but they don’t do quite as well in converting those clicks into engagement. If you want your social media visitors to stick around on your site, you are best off using YouTube, Google Plus, and Linkedin. Shareaholic created two very interesting reports: Facebook and […]

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Will there be another Twitter?

Our household names of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube. Can anyone replace them? David Meerman Scott of says, no. While I certainly hope for the success of the current crop of social media giants, nothing is set in stone. In 2005, we would have said, “there is only one MySpace.” Twitter has […]