Social media: referral traffic vs. engagement

Social media: traffic versus engagement

Facebook and Pinterest may drive a lot of traffic to websites, but they don’t do quite as well in converting those clicks into engagement. If you want your social media visitors to stick around on your site, you are best off using YouTube, Google Plus, and Linkedin.

Shareaholic created two very interesting reports:

One report praises Facebook and Pinterest. The other report praises YouTube and Google Plus. Put the two reports side-by-side and the some insights start to illuminate from the social media landscape.

Youtube rules post-click engagement
Why would YouTube give such great engagement on websites after the click? Perhaps when a user is on YouTube, they are already in a frame of mind where they can sit down and spend time. The average length of the top 50 YouTube videos is 2 minutes 54 seconds. Whereas a post or pin only takes seconds to view. When someone clicks on a link on YouTube, it would make sense the viewer would spend more time on your site.

Rare users on Google Plus mean quality users?
I can’t quite explain why people clicking on Google Plus links would have more time on those sites. Google Plus always seems like people are just there to click the “+1” button. Maybe since it’s so rare for people to actually click on an article link in Google Plus, that it means this person is really truly interested in reading the article. People on Twitter and Facebook would be much more apt to just skim and leave.

Why is Pinterest so low?

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