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Search your personal files on Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox

The next Google: personal search

Where did you post that thought? Did you save it in Evernote, or in Google Drive? Maybe it’s in your Dropbox. Perhaps it’s on your blog, or maybe you tweeted it. Hmmm. Where is it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one site where you can search through everything you have? A unified search through: […]

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The Pinterest versus Google smackdown

Google beats Pinterest at browsing images

When it comes to looking through images, Google’s layout of rows is much better than Pinterest’s layout of columns. Google is very organized and easy to scroll down and look at all the images in a sequential manner. The rows keep all the various images in order. The Western world reads left to right, so […]

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Do people want to read content by topic?

We live in a world where content is not sorted by topic. Tweets are sorted by person. You can’t view tweets by topic. People on Google Plus never post to topic-based circles. Pinterest automatically subscribes to you to all boards by individuals you follow. You can clean up your pinterest to have just the boards […]

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