Pinterest can drive long-term consistent traffic

Post a link to Twitter, and it’ll stop getting traffic within a few hours. A Facebook post might give you traffic for a day–if you’re lucky, two days.

So many social media platforms are a river flow–post something, and it’s away down stream into the ocean in a matter of moments. However, Pinterest does have some staying power potential.

I have three pins that regularly drive traffic to

Pinterest: How to make encaustic photos
How to make encaustic photos (about 30 clicks per month)

Some random color palette
Some random color palette (about 15 clicks per month)

7 out of 8 Autobots in Transformers 4 are sleek cars
7 out of 8 Autobots in Transformers 4 are sleek cars (about 15 clicks per month)

Note: these are CLICKS, not views, not impressions, not repins on the pins. But the actual number of people that CLICK on the pins.

While those aren’t HUGE numbers, they are consistent traffic. Most social media, your link dies one day after posting it. With Pinterest, I’ve seen consistent traffic to these posts for years. Not just months. But years.

Now, those are just three pins. I currently have 2,594 pins on Pinterest. You can start to see that a very small percentage of pins have staying power. But that still makes it worth pinning your blog posts–for that chance of it getting repinned, and repinned over and over.

What are your top-performing pins on Pinterest? Find out at (and then please share your top pins in the comments. Thank you)

Also, hat-tip to Anthonynotes for posting My social network usage (Spring 2016), that inspired me to write this post.

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1 thought on “Pinterest can drive long-term consistent traffic”

  1. I have 667 followers on Pinterest. Imagine what your traffic could be if you had 10k+ followers. I never really worked to build up my follower count. My Pinterest is completely unfocused and random. But if you really put an effort into producing pins that resonate with the Pinterest audience, then I can see generating a good amount of traffic from this social channel.

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