Pinterest hasn’t killed tumblr… yet


I thought for sure that Pinterest would have killed Tumblr. I find my tumblr stream too unfocused. With the specific boards in pinterest, it would seem that a user would be able to define exactly what they want to see. But it doesn’t quiet work that way as my pinterest news streams seems to be even more unfocused than tumblr. It’s a big spaghetti board of random pins.

I might give tumblr another try, as it might have more of a feeling of being focused where you just have one column of content.

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Even though people tend to use it more for photos, I like the blog aspect of Tumblr. It just has a different feel than Pinterest. And while I think Pinterest is super-awesome, the Post’s predictions of Tumblr’s demise seem premature.


What ultimately needs to happen with social media are three things 1) Users need to post/write things into a specific category. 2) Blogs/pinterest/tumblr/etc need to allow readers to subscribe to specific categories. 3) These services need to allow the readers to organize what they follow into specific lists. — Pinterest gets the first two correct, but not the third. — Twitter gets the third, but not the first two. — Tumblr doesn’t do any of the three. — Blogs kinda do the first one, but it’s not an absolute. Someone can write a blog post without putting it into a… Read more »


[…] Pinterest came out, I thought it would totally kill Tumblr. Tumblr is just one steady stream of EVERYTHING. When I subscribe to Tumblr feeds, I see the whole […]