What Google Plus should be used for

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Google Plus is for sharing what you read. Facebook is for sharing about your life.

We all have some friends who share waaaay too many articles on Facebook. I go to Facebook to see what’s happening in my friend’s lives. Sure, sometimes an article might be pertinent, but not when there’s an abundance of articles in my friend stream.

Articles are best shared in Google Plus. I explain more in a blog post on my spudart blog, “How do you use Google Plus?

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1 thought on “What Google Plus should be used for”

  1. I think what it takes to get people to be on Google Plus is comments. I tell people to join Google Plus, but I bet they see my posts without comments and they think, “why do I want to be here? It’s a ghosttown.” That is why I like commenting on people’s Google Plus posts.

    I truly believe Google Plus is where we share what we read; Facebook is where we share what we do.

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