How we create, read, share

This blog is about how we create, read, and share. Are there better words to describe this? I want to get across that we all write, photograph, tweet, and create things. We also consume and read. And then we all share and publish things–whether it’s our creations or other’s creations. We like to put stuff out there.

It’s a continual process. Most people participate in all three. There are some oddballs that only create without reading. There are those who share without reading. But really, we all write. Whether it’s a status update on facebook or a simple comment. We all write.

We all read. It’s impossible to living a bubble and not be influenced. Maybe not everyone reads. Some people just watch.

And we all share what we consume. We also like to share what we make.

There are so many methods for us to create. So many places for us to read and watch. And now so many many ways we can share and publish things.

Here’s some words that describe each part of the process:

words for create:
— blog
— build
— compose
— conceive
— design
— forge
— form
— hatch
— knock out
— make
— perform
— post
— produce
— scrawl
— scribble
— set forth
— shape
— turn out
— tweet
— whip out
— write

words for read:
— comprehend
— consume
— curate
— decipher
— discover
— gather
— learn
— perceive
— peruse
— study
— translate
— view

words for share:
— distribute
— syndicate
— print
— publish

It’s surprising how few words there are for sharing.

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