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When given the option of how to register for a site, which method do you use?

Confusion with social media log-ins

The thing with social log-ins is that I can never remember which network I use to log in. Whenever an email option is given, I always select that. I control my email address, so I know it will never go away. These other social platforms, we are at the whim of these third party companies. […]

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How to give your comments more reach

Get more mileage out of comments you give

Do you ever feel like not leaving a comment on a blog, because you feel like it won’t be seen by anyone else other than the author? With the dominance social media today, people are more apt to make their comments on another social media channel rather than your lonely blog post. Imagine if today’s […]

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Do people want to read content by topic?

We live in a world where content is not sorted by topic. Tweets are sorted by person. You can’t view tweets by topic. People on Google Plus never post to topic-based circles. Pinterest automatically subscribes to you to all boards by individuals you follow. You can clean up your pinterest to have just the boards […]

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Google ditches smart people in favor of the stupid masses

Google likes to make their products stupidly simple so they can reach the widest, most stupid audience possible. When Google doesn’t make products stupidly simple, they fail. Take Google Plus, Buzz, and Wave. Google succeeds when they make their products simple, like their search engine, Google Talk, Google Docs (simple in comparison to Word), Gmail […]

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Google Plus is for posting, not reading

Google Plus is for posting, not reading

Here’s another problem with Google Plus. It’s a platform for posting, not reading. You can add people to your circles. For instance, someone requested that he wanted to be in my circles for: books, comics, food, Kindle, libraries, nature, photography, video games and weather. I added him to those circles. However, this person doesn’t always […]

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