Google Plus is for posting, not reading

Here’s another problem with Google Plus. It’s a platform for posting, not reading.

You can add people to your circles. For instance, someone requested that he wanted to be in my circles for: books, comics, food, Kindle, libraries, nature, photography, video games and weather. I added him to those circles.

However, this person doesn’t always post about these topics. So when I go to my comics circle, it shows his pictures of cats, iphones, world news.

Google Plus helps me push my content to people who are interested in particular topics. But Google Plus does not help me to read about specific content. People should be forced on Google Plus to post their content into one category. Much like how Pinterest works. Then Google Plus will become a platform for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Google Plus is for posting, not reading”

  1. Here’s a loose fix to read content about specific. If you want to read about comics, then do a search for “comics” on Google Plus. Then you can filter it to include only people in your circles. Currently you can’t filter it specific circles. Only to EVERYONE in ALL your circles.

    Also, it’s a loose fix, because not all posts about comics will include the word “comics.”

  2. Also, since the person who wanted to be in my circles is now in: books, comics, food, Kindle, libraries, nature, photography, video games and weather; what happens when he only wants to see posts on libraries from me? He can’t do it.

  3. I just saw something on google plus that i never really thought about using. #hashtags! Anytime I post to a circle, I can just put a hashtag of the circle in the post. That will be helpful, right?

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