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Digital comics war heats up

Digital comics war heats up

This is the most hilarious thing all month! I think it might take the cake for funniest thing I’ve seen so far all of 2013! The 80s-style story of two gangs fighting it out also provides such a great backdrop to this gag. This is sorta like the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I […]

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Amazon and Goodreads

Good news and bad news from Amazon buying Goodreads

Amazon buys the popular social book reading website Goodreads. Is that good or bad news for Goodreads? Possible good news Book exchange system through Goodreads. From Kevin Eagan: “I could see Amazon’s used ebook store platform (now just a credible rumor) integrated with the Goodreads platform. Goodreads already gives away ebooks on their site, so this is possible.” […]

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Kindle iPad Nook ebook cover standard sizes

ebook standard sizes for covers

What size should you make your ebook cover? There are many devices with different size screens. One size fits all Many people recommend a generic 600×800 size. But that’s for older e-ink screens. Three experts online each have a different recommendation for a catch-all size. Kindle Expert recommends 1876×2500 (7/12/2012). Cinda Fernando likes 1600×2400 (9/27/2012). […]

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Amazon doesn

Amazon makes Kindle less social

Amazon is limiting the ability for people to share their highlights in books that readers own. Laura Hazard Owen wrote an excellent post, Amazon bans Kindle clips.” Here’s a clip: Findings, the year-old content-sharing site from untraditional VC firm Betaworks, was built on the ability to sync and share Kindle highlights. But Amazon told Betaworks last […]

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Is there a standard ePub format for notes?

You know how you can write notes in an Kindle book? That seems to be Amazon’s propietary system for recording notes. Especially since Amazon doesn’t even use ePub files in the first place (they use mobi files). It would be cool if there was a way to publish a Kindle book with notes already in […]

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