Review of Craig Mod’s “Hack the Cover”

Are book covers dead? Check out Craig Mod’s “Hack the Cover.” It’s a great quick book. 39 pages (twice as long as his “Books in the Age of the iPad” and ten times as good). You can even read the entire book online for free. Or in Kindle format for $3.99.

There are lots of great insights in this book. I have a total of 26 highlights and 22 notes in this short book. It’s like a little treasure chest full of ideas about what the book cover means now in the digital age. He also leaves a teaser at the end of the book with initial thoughts on how since digital books essentially have no cover, the insides starting point of the book needs be more engaging. But then he abruptly ends the book at that.

Aside from the cliffhanger at the end, the entire book is a joy to read. If you like thinking about the future of books, then this is a MUST read for you. Here’s my collection of favorite passages sorted by topic:
Throughout this book, he declares the death of the book cover and why:

— “The cover as we know it really is

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While I really enjoyed this book, and there are many great points; I do disagree with how the cover no longer serves a function to sell. Yes, book reviews/recommendations do weigh heavily in my book selection. However, when I look at a book on Amazon (or wherever), one of my first impression is with the cover. Does it look professional? Does it have a personality that conveys what I want to read? The book cover isn’t just some technical piece of information. There is an art to the cover that leaves us with an emotional response–whether it’s a good emotion… Read more »


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