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Digital comics war heats up

Digital comics war heats up

This is the most hilarious thing all month! I think it might take the cake for funniest thing I’ve seen so far all of 2013! The 80s-style story of two gangs fighting it out also provides such a great backdrop to this gag. This is sorta like the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I […]

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LIbrary with no books

A library with no books

The Library of the future is coming and it has no books! San Antonio has plans for a bookless library. The rendering is quite curious. iMac-o-rama I love me some iMacs, but is the future of libraries really all the same computers? For some reason, I’d like to see a diversity of computers. I like […]

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Kindle iPad Nook ebook cover standard sizes

ebook standard sizes for covers

What size should you make your ebook cover? There are many devices with different size screens. One size fits all Many people recommend a generic 600×800 size. But that’s for older e-ink screens. Three experts online each have a different recommendation for a catch-all size. Kindle Expert recommends 1876×2500 (7/12/2012). Cinda Fernando likes 1600×2400 (9/27/2012). […]

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I use my iPad mostly for taking notes on articles

Are you an egghead iPad user like me?

Do you bring your iPad into the kitchen to follow recipes? Or maybe you bring it out to the garage and fix stuff? My manager asked me how I use my iPad and I could only answer, “Well, I like to read PDFs and write notes in the margins. That’s my primary use.” And then […]

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One thousand Kobos equals six cents

The poor Kobo. The unloved eReader. The Kindle, the iPad, even the Nook are far more popular than this little Kobo. Yet somehow the American Booksellers Association just agreed with the Kobo to make it their official book distribution platform. They dumped Google in favor of this little guy. Did you know that the Kobo […]

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InDesign icon eBooks ePub

Learn to make eBooks from InDesign: Part 1

As I’m learning how to create eBooks, I will be archiving all the webpages and PDFs I read; and all the items I install. I’m hoping that as I find these resources that they will be helpful to others who are learning how to make eBooks. ================ Read Adobe’s eBook intro page. — Has […]

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Metadata for Olympic video

NBC is proclaiming their increased viewership is due to offering so much live video online. While that’s cool, let’s take that a step further. I don’t really care to wake up at 3am to watch a badminton tournament. I want archives. Searchable archives. What I’d like is to be able to tell my iPad, i […]

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