One thousand Kobos equals six cents

The poor Kobo. The unloved eReader. The Kindle, the iPad, even the Nook are far more popular than this little Kobo.

Yet somehow the American Booksellers Association just agreed with the Kobo to make it their official book distribution platform. They dumped Google in favor of this little guy.

Did you know that the Kobo is a form of currency in Nigeria? One Kobo is one hundreth of a Naira. One Naira is 0.0063 US dollars. That means one Kobo is worth $0.000063. You would need one thousand Kobos to have six cents.

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8 years ago

You know what? It’s actually kinda hard to get your hands on a bunch of kobos.


[…] each of my team members a kobo. (I made a funny blog post on my digital publishing blog about how 1,000 Kobos equals six cents.) There’s an eBay auction is selling 18 Kobos for $0.99 with $4.99 shipping. That’s way […]

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