Kindle doesn’t know how to correct eink to e-ink

The Kindle doesn’t know how to spell the name of it’s own screen technology! E-ink is what creates the paper-like screen on the Kindles. While reading a book with the Kindle app, I wrote a note inside the book. Inititally I typed “eink.” The Kindle auto-spell didn’t correct “eink” to “e-ink;” instead it offered ink, rink, sink, wink.

Maybe someone at Amazon should add “e-ink” to the Kindle’s auto-spell dictionary. But then again, Amazon doesn’t even spell it “e-ink.” Take a look at their webpage selling the Kindle. They call it “e ink.” Talk about old school! That’s like calling a webpage a  “Web page.”

New words over time have a tendency to follow a certain development path. Take email. It started off as “electronic mail”  with two words. Then it got shortened to “e mail.” The floating e is weird, so a dash got put in for “e-mail.” Then finally it became “email” one word. It’s sad to see Amazon, the biggest user of e-ink technology calling it “E ink.”

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8 years ago

How do you spell e-ink? Do you remove the dash? Or do you stick with Amazon’s “E ink?”

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