Forbes’ Top Earning Authors list

Forbes Top Selling Authors 2012
Top-selling authors. Top-selling authors. Meh. When I was in college I had to fight the natural fascination of becoming an artist who would appear in the art history books. It’s the wrong intention.

It’s so tempting to look at this list and wish to be on it. I’d rather have a small group of people engaged with what I do.

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1 thought on “Forbes’ Top Earning Authors list”

  1. Aside from an author’s reason from writing, it is fun to see if any of your favorite authors is on the list. It’s sorta like fantasy baseball, but for literature. Hmmm, now there’s an idea… (i’ll have to expand on fantasy literature bestsellers sometime)

    I haven’t read anybody on the top 15 . If you are too lazy to click-through to the list, here it is:

    James Patterson: $94 million
    Stephen King: $39 million
    Janet Evanovich: $33 million
    John Grisham: $26 million
    Jeff Kinney, $25 million
    Bill O’Reilly: $24 million
    Nora Roberts: $23 million
    Danielle Steel: $23 million
    Suzanne Collins: $20 million
    Dean Koontz: $19 million
    J.K. Rowling: $17 million
    George R.R. Martin: $15 million
    Stephenie Meyer: $14 million
    Ken Follett: $14 million
    Rick Riordan: $13 million

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