Digital comics war heats up

This is the most hilarious thing all month! I think it might take the cake for funniest thing I’ve seen so far all of 2013!

The 80s-style story of two gangs fighting it out also provides such a great backdrop to this gag. This is sorta like the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I love how Optimus Prime comes in. He’s the best. Yeah, stick up for the little Kobo. You go Prime! Here we have the popular big superheros defending the bigger eBook devices. The giants of Marvel defending the popular Kindle. The superheros of DC defending the 2nd-rung Nook. The biggest of the bigs going head to head. Then you have Optimus Prime defending the underdog Kobo.

Out of all these superheros, Optimus Prime is by far my favorite. Most people wouldn’t even call Optimus Prime a superhero, but I do. Not only is he a superhero, he is the best superhero. Optimus Prime coming in after all these other big guys is just classic. This comic rightfully puts Optimus Prime side-by-side with the rest of the comic book world’s superheros.

This comic is done by Gutters.

Digital comics war heats up

Although technically, I read all my Transformers comics on the iPad using the ComiXology app. But this was done in 2011, so I can see why ComiXology is not in here. But that makes it all the more funny that you have these pulpy characters promoting new technology that is actually old now.

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